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Become an SEO Legend in 12 weeks. In this course, you would learn the basics of Search Engine Optimization, the

Course Outline


● Introduction to Search Engine Optimization

● About the search engines
● How do search engines work
● How do the search engines rank your content
Keyword Research
● What is a keyword
● The different types of keywords
● Understanding the intent behind a keyword
● Examining the search query on search engines
● About keyword research
● How to find the best keywords to target
Competitive Analysis
● Competitive keyword analysis
● How to identify your competitors
● How to discover your competitor keywords
● How to use your analysis for keyword targeting

SEO Content

● What is SEO content
● Different types of SEO content
● Steps to creating SEO content
● Content research
● Website content guidelines
● Website content optimization
● How to factor your customers buying journey when creating
SEO content
● How to evaluate your competitors content
● How to choose the best SEO content format, design and


● Keyword research tools
● SEO keyword tools
● SEO analysis tools
● Domain authority checker tools
● Backlink profile analysis tools
● SEO content writing tools
● SEO website audit tools
● SEO reporting tools
● Marketing SEO tools
● SEO software tools
● SEO keyword tracking tools
● SEO ranking tools


SEO impact on businesses
● What is on-page optimization
● Elements of on-page optimization
● How to perfectly optimize a web page
● What is a Domain Authority
● How to measure your website’s SEO Domain and Page
● How to create an SEO strategy
● What are KPIs
● How to establish official KPIs for your website’s SEO strategy
● How to optimize Metadata and Meta tags
● How to optimize Meta description, Meta keywords, Title tags
and Headings
● Alt texts and image optimization
● About XML Sitemap / URL List Sitemap
● The importance of sitemaps
● How to structure your sitemaps
● How to submit your sitemap to search engines
● How to Index your web pages

SEO Website Design and Structure

● How to structure your website for SEO
● How to organize your web pages
● How to design your website navigation
● Internal link building
● How to use rich snippets/structured data
● What is technical SEO
● Elements of technical SEO
● What are Meta robot tags
● How to use Meta robot tags
● About 404 error pages
● What are 301 redirects
● How search engines handle 301 redirects
● About duplicate content
● The importance of canonicalization
● How to implement canonicalization
● How website page speed influences your rankings and how to
improve it
● The importance of Mobile SEO
● Characteristics of mobile websites
● Factors that influence Mobile SEO
● How to create a mobile-friendly website
● About PDF, PPT, MS Word optimization
● How to optimize videos for SEO


● About page rank
● What is a backlink
● How to assess a website’s backlink profile
● Internal and external linking
● Link building
● White hat links
● Grey hat links
● Black hat links
● Reciprocal linking
● Guest Posting
● Forums posting
● Search engine submissions
● Directory submission
● Social bookmark submission
● Classified sites submission
● Blog and article submission
● Rss feeds submissions
● Press release submissions


● How to effectively conduct an SEO content Analysis
● About Webmaster Tools
● About Google Analytics
● Installing and setting up Google Analytics
● How to use Google Analytics to improve SEO strategies
● How to Study Google Analytics
● Interpreting Bars & Figures
● About Google Search Console
● How Google Search Console can Help SEO
● Tracking and securing ranks


● Advanced Reporting
● Understanding KPIs for SEO Organic Search
● How to Report on SEO Progress
● Use of SEO templates for effective reporting
● Demystifying SEO Reports


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